The New Craze is Nerd Glasses Vidfie

New Craze Vidfie

Well I just spent a whopping $1.50 on ebay to buy some “Nerd Glasses” So I couldn’t wait to do another Vidfie of me wearing them, It was done on the nature strip in the middle of the road in front of where I live ! Vidfies are easy to do, you just do a short spinning video of showing yourself and where you are while spinning. It normally goes for about ten to seconds for the best vidfie! Forget selfies, vidfies are here to stay and are so easy to do with nearly all the new phones having a video option, there’s no excuse not to show the world where you are and what you are doing a vidfie! The term Vidife appears in the Urban Dictionary¬†¬†Selfies are so yesterday and do not really show us where you are and what you are up to? Especially now that we can add videos to Youtube with out fuss or hassle.

The chance to do a vidfie really is upon us and you can do one anywhere you want to, just get the video cam pointing at you and then click start while you begin to slowly spin around to get some the background into the video shot. The best Vidfies are about ten to twenty seconds long, just under twenty seconds seems to be a good length and uploads onto YouTube really quickly so it sure does not take long to do one and join the new craze that is set to takeover the world of boring old Selfies, you can have a contest and see who can do the best vidfie between you and your friends. Soon you will be able to upload a clip of your vidfie right here at this site and show the world how cool your example is


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The Big Wheel Vidfie

This was a fun Vidfie to make and it was a always one of my desired Melbourne destinations which is of course the Melbourne Star Big Wheel , this example of my Vidfies shows just how tall the Big Wheel really is when you are up close. It also show the modern spaceage looking capsules where the people enjoy the view from, please do enjoy this Vidfie


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Graffiti Vidfie

This is one of my Vdifes taken at Hosier Lane in Melbourne, the lane way is a popular destination for tourists and locals to admire all the street art on display. Many people love to have their photo taken in front of their favourite piece of street art. There are even tours that explain some of the history of the lane way and who has adorned its walls. I can’t say for sure but it is possible that the famous Banksy may have done a few pieces in the past, i will have to do my homework on that one

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Fun Park Vidife

This Vidfie was taken inside St Kilda’s Luna Park where it was a real busy day. I tried to show a few of the rides and managed to get some of the roller coaster in the shot as well as the Ferris Wheel and a few other smaller rides. The best Vidfies entice the viewer to play them again to see what they missed the first time. I think this one is that type of Vidfie.

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