Nerdfie is a ?

 A Nerdfie is a one of two things

Nerdfie is a ? So What’s it gonna be ? It seems we have a choice of what we want a Nerdfie to be? Should a Nerdfie be a Photograph of a person wearing their Nerd Glasses or maybe a group of people wearing a set of Nerd Glasses? By the way it is really easy to get some Nerd Glasses, just simply go to the local two dollar shop and there is normally a few in stock and they are easy to spot amongst all the other glasses. Of course we all know what Nerds look and some think it’s a cool look, even a bit retro! Big Dark Rimmed Glasses that sit on a innocent face that belongs to some smart guy or gal that spends all their time being smart because they are no good at sports or rapping! But that’s cool the world needs these folk as well and here is a chance to pay homage to these endearing folk who happily stay at home and study while the rest of us are causing havoc at the pubs. Poor old Nerds, it’s just not fair! But hey they even had a movie made about them back in the 1980’s  Nerd Movie  I can still remember jumping the fence at the Drive Inns to watch it on a summers night, good fun. But because Nerds are normally quite smart would they be happy with just a Nerd Photo or would they perhaps wish to do something like a Vidfie where they are proudly wearing their Nerd Glasses in a short spinning Video showing themselves and their current whereabouts?  I thin the Nerd may favour the second option but until we ask some Nerds I cannot be sure of their exact preference? Maybe we should vote on what to do with the Term Nerdfie.Com? Should it be a Photo wearing Nerd Glasses or a Vidfie where the person is wearing Nerd Glasses, personally I would love to see a Vidfie in front a punk band!


By vidfie